Human Balance and Stability Systems for pain and fatigue

About Us

Why Standing Hurts


Standing involves control of postural sway to remain upright in gravity. The body accomplishes this through coordination between the fascia, muscles and nervous system. Excessive postural sway contracts fascia, overworking and creating tension in body. This results in fatigue, inflammation and chronic pain. 

How the StandRite-Pro Helps

A point of contact at the shins while standing, controls postural sway to reduce tension in the fascia. Positive shin angle, allowing for proper hip hinge movement, creates a dynamic stance enabling strengthening of the muscles naturally.

What Sets Us Apart

The StandRite-Pro is the first product designed to control postural sway in standing. Other solutions have only addressed "symptoms" of pain and fatigue. The StandRite-Pro brings a sensible and effective solution to the "causes". 

Our Services


Models for use in industry, commercial, retail, health care, residential, education, athletics, research and anywhere else people stand. Built for balance and stability, designed for relief of chronic pain and fatigue.


Add our technology to your products. We offer opportunities to collaborate on integration with your existing and future designs.

Custom Solutions

We can assess your company work stations and configure our solution to fit your needs. Let us design a custom configuration for any application. 

Our Products

StandRite-Pro Products

Solutions for standing in any sector

Retail and Other Applications

Install horizontally or vertically under scanners, counters, data entry points or anywhere else you stand.

Industry and other applications

Anchors to the floor for secure install in manufacturing, machine operation, fabrication, assembly and anywhere else you stand.

Commerical and other applications

Stand alone slides under stand up desks, height adjustable desks, counters, benches and anywhere else you stand.


RELAX - Relax to reduce tension in the fascia.


RESET – Reset the muscles and tendons used to balance in gravity.


STRENGTHEN - Strengthen the muscles naturally.


SUSTAIN - Sustaining Human Energy