Those who stand throughout the day actually move quite often. It is when they stop to actually perform a task, that the more serious risks of fatigue and muscular skeletal disorder appear. Our patented StandRite-Pro balance support controls postural sway for balance and unlocks the knees to provide stability. There is simply no more sensible way to address the health and the cost of human resources.


Why Standing hurts

When humans stand we experience postural sway. That's why we lean on walls and tables or we find a chair or stool. Did you know that movement is also a form of controlling sway? But if the body has no where to stabilize and movement is not an option, it works extremely hard to remain upright in gravity. As we begin to experience energy loss and resulting discomfort, our focus shifts from the task to relief of the fatigue and subsequent pain we begin to feel. In an effort to stabilize, we lock our knees and continue with the task. But locked knees creates dangerous torque levels in the lower back because the hips cannot hinge properly. Pain is the body's alarm that something is wrong and to make an urgent change.


How StandRite-Pro Helps

The StandRite-Pro balance support provides a comfortable balance point at the shins to control postural sway and reduce the fatigue we experience for periods when we have to stand. This also improves our engagement and energy levels as we work. The shin pad creates positive shin angle which engages proper hip hinge movement. Just like dead lifting or athletics, this hip hinge reduces the lower back torque we experience in normal reach/lift tasks. The shin pad angle interrupts the gravity line that travels down the spine and into the feet when knees are locked. This comfortable lean point actually redirects about 20% of the body weight into slight force against the pad.



Purchase StandRite-Pro

What sets us apart

The StandRite-Pro is the first of it's kind product designed to control postural sway while standing. The StandRite-Pro brings a sensible and effective solution to the postural sway and locked knees. The StandRite-Pro provides a forward, engaged, dynamic stance to standing tasks and provides unimpeded ingress and egress to from the comfortable shin pad.


A few testimonials...

David Gilboe, P.T. - Practicing physical therapist and owner of David Gilboe And Associates Physical and Occupational Therapy.

"I have been practicing outpatient therapy for over forty years with experience in musculoskeletal injuries, postural training and ergonomic assessment. 

I was introduced to the StandRite-Pro device approximately six months ago.  I’ve had the opportunity to use it in my office with both staff and patients.  Using the StandRite-Pro device promotes postural efficiency in those whose job involves performing standing activities.  This, in turn, decreases energy expenditure and may decrease repetitive stress injuries in this population.  When used properly, as instructed, I see no detrimental effect associated with intermittent use of the StandRite-Pro."

Angie Beckett – Therapeutic Riding Instructor – Fibromyalgia and MS sufferer

“I can now walk 90% of the time without the use of my cane when before I needed that assistance all the time.  I can now get down on the floor to play with my children when before I couldn’t even bend down. I danced in my kitchen when that has not been previously possible. My eyesight would decline during the day to nearly being legally blind at times but now even my sight has improved so much that I returned to the library again. Even writing this short letter was something I could not do four weeks ago. I am blessed to have been able to use the HBS product. I have not only improved in every facet of my  quality of life, but I have “a” life again! I have hope again! I can now live without pain most of the time.  Before I started using your product, I was having bad days 4-5 days a week. After using this, I am now down to having a bad time only 2-3 hours a week!”

Bob Ezor – Pioneer Broach – Owner

”The unit has proven to be very effective. The tool maker using the unit had previously been thru an extensive layoff due to back surgery.(disc replacement). His productivity is back up and he is much happier having the support provided by the HBS1001. Thank  you very much!!"


Everyone knows that sitting is the new smoking but now we know that standing is twice as bad as sitting. Confused? Don't be. Balance in standing is directly related to postural sway and sway causes significant tension in the body's fascia as we fight gravity. The StandRite-Pro controls sway, reducing fascia tension and inflammation, naturally, allowing the core to strengthen. Bending the knees improves circulation and allows for a dynamic stance. The resulting shin angle engages proper hip hinge movement, attaining more strength from the legs and less from the lower back.


Companies spend significant money on safety, Workers' Compensation, and wellness. Wearable technology is racing to identify why, but HBS Systems is ahead of the market. Safety depends on our ability to perform cognitive thinking to focus on performing the tasks. When you redirect the focus from relief of pain and fatigue, you focus on the task safely. Individuals develop a dynamic stance, refined movements and improved awareness of actions required by the task improving safety dramatically. This equates to a safer employee, environment and working condition.


Improving processes requires attention to every detail, including your human resources. Resources can be the biggest variable and asset, so reducing lost time, turnover, and unscheduled breaks to relive chronic fatigue and back pain adds up. Addressing pain and fatigue by reducing inflammation improves cognitive thinking which dramatically affects engagement. The debilitating health of the workforce is noticeable to those who are deciding on a career and providing a healthy environment is the key to attracting and engaging them to a profession of standing.

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