Why Standing hurts

Standing involves control of postural sway to remain upright in gravity. The body accomplishes this through coordination between the fascia, muscles and nervous system. Excessive postural sway contracts fascia, overworking and creating tension in body. This results in fatigue, inflammation and chronic pain.


How StandRite-Pro Helps

A point of contact at the shins while standing, controls postural sway to reduce tension in the fascia. Positive shin angle, allowing for proper hip hinge movement, creates a dynamic stance enabling strengthening of the muscles naturally. A dynamic stance allows for dynamic movement.


What sets us apart

The StandRite-Pro is the first product designed to control postural sway in standing. Other solutions have only addressed "symptoms" of pain and fatigue. The StandRite-Pro brings a sensible and effective solution to the "causes". This one of a kind solution addresses every aspect of standing while providing unimpeded ingress and egress when needed.



Everyone knows that sitting is the new smoking but now we know that standing is twice as bad as sitting. Confused? Don't be. Balance in standing is directly related to postural sway and sway causes significant tension in the body's fascia as we fight gravity. The StandRite-Pro controls sway, reducing fascia tension and inflammation, naturally, allowing the core to strengthen. Bending the knees improves circulation and allows for a dynamic stance. The resulting shin angle engages proper hip hinge movement, attaining more strength from the legs and less from the lower back.


Companies spend significant money on safety, Workers' Compensation, and wellness. Wearable technology is racing to identify why, but HBS Systems is ahead of the market. Safety depends on our ability to perform cognitive thinking to focus on performing the tasks. When you redirect the focus from relief of pain and fatigue, you focus on the task safely. Individuals develop a dynamic stance, refined movements and improved awareness of actions required by the task improving safety dramatically. This equates to a safer employee, environment and working condition.


Improving processes requires attention to every detail, including your human resources. Resources can be the biggest variable and asset, so reducing lost time, turnover, and unscheduled breaks to relive chronic fatigue and back pain adds up. Addressing pain and fatigue by reducing inflammation improves cognitive thinking which dramatically affects engagement. The debilitating health of the workforce is noticeable to those who are deciding on a career and providing a healthy environment is the key to attracting and engaging them to a profession of standing.

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