Our Mission

To deliver the only sensible and comprehensive solution to pain and fatigue associated with standing. For centuries, the world has advanced through innovation in every aspect of business except for the human resources themselves. HBS Systems has changed all of that by giving the people who stand, a viable alternative to enduring and developing chronic pain from standing. Our recent studies confirm that the StandRite-Pro significantly controls postural sway, alleviates 20% of the user's weight and reduces lower back torque in movement such as reaching by 18 ft. lbs.

Our (Human) Story

Human Balance and Stability systems was formed in 2016 by Cathy and Jerry Sitek following the development of this patent pending innovation. The founders also own and operate United Manufacturing Network where they were experiencing debilitating chronic pain from standing. They tried changing shoes, sole inserts, stools, more frequent breaks and searched the web for solutions that gave them the freedom of movement as not to interrupt the task.  They were faced with the choice to develop a solution or retire.

Manufacturing and industry have seen incredible advancement in automation. However, the individuals who perform these operations are still standing exactly the same way our ancestors did. Nothing other than ergonomic mats have been introduced to address pain and fatigue in the workplace.

Manufacturing requires a great deal of standing, but requires repetitious movement. Unlike office workers, industry professionals cannot simply walk away from the work area for a brisk walk or use a chair to combat the pain. Often times, the only solution, though be it temporary, is leaning on the table or machine and shifting weight from one foot to the other. In addition, their tasks require significant reaching and lifting, often "out of position", to alter or adjust the machine or material. So, balance and stability becomes a significant factor in safety, productivity and quality.

Another instance of debilitating pain is within the medical fields. Surgeons, surgical assistants, nurses and various other specialists spend long hours standing and performing delicate tasks, often requiring incredible focus. The ability to maintain focus and rely so heavily on cognitive thinking is crucial as a human life hangs in the balance.

Retail workers face the effects of standing as well. Turning and reaching while standing to scan products exerts high torque on the lower back. Some retailers have placed small vinyl covered pads at waste level to allow for leaning forward but these provide no posture support. Cashiers and customer service jobs require constant interaction with the customers and this engagement can suffer greatly if the worker is focused solely on relief of pain and fatigue. The retail point of sale industry continues to rate among the highest sectors in employee turnover, costing retailers an average of $3,200 per instance.


Research performed as far back as the 1930’s points to the interaction of the body’s fascia on overall health but remarkably, fascia research was largely brushed aside for advancements in pharmaceuticals, surgery and other solutions to the "symptoms" of chronic body pain. The fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs. Fascia research contends that excessive tension in the fascia layer prevents responsiveness between the nervous system and body which affects the body’s overall function and wellbeing. New research is linking increased inflammation to fascia tension and will soon confirm its benefits on a cellular level.

Meet the Team

Human Balance and Stability Systems is unique in that the Co-Founders are toolmakers. Their personal 35 year experience in standing coupled with a hands on engineering approach allows them to utilize a wider perspective in identifying problems and solutions. In developing the StandRite-Pro, the founders were not focused on any one discipline, but rather applied the previous work by various disciplines collectively, uniting that research to determine the cause of pain and fatigue in standing.

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Cathy Sitek


Research / Product Development

Marketing and Education

Cathy started working in her fathers grinding shop at 15 years old. Having owned and operated United Gage earlier in her career, Cathy  has been no stranger to solving complicated problems to build world class fixtures and tooling. Cathy's intuition, experience and determination has cemented the HBS Systems mission.

Jerry Crop

Jerry Sitek


Business Development

Product Development / Supply Chain 

Jerry began his career as a building tradesman, and would go on to build a career in management and estimation in the industrial mechanical contracting field. His practical approach, ability to converse across disciplines and 35 years of real workplace experience, provides a firm foundation for leading HBS Systems in delivering a global solution.

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