StandRite-Pro HBS1000SH-M


The patented StandRite-Pro HBS1000SH-M provides a comfortable balance point during intermittent static standing. The shin pad controls postural sway to reduce the energy spent on balance just like a chair or leaning does. The angled pad enables standing without locking the knees to insure proper hip hinge movement. That hip hinge reduces lower back torque to prevent pain strain and injury. The HBS1000SH-M is designed for applications where a heavy floor mat existing to cover and secure the base such as CNC manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, and other sectors where a safe balance point is needed. The HBS1000SH-M has the shortest possible horizontal profile to allow for close proximity to the task but is only secure if used under an existing floor mat to hold in place. Includes a product manual and is completely assembled for installation and use. Simply lift the mat, slide the base under and use for balance and stability. U.S. Patent No. 10,368,651 – HTS Code (Schedule B) 9403200030
Allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery.

Replacement in kind resulting from defects in workmanship or materials if returned 30 from date of receipt of product. Warranty is void if product has been installed and or used. Return defective product in its original packaging to Returns: HBS Systems 11511 James Street Holland Michigan 49424. Our manufacturing team will inspect and confirm defects and process a replacement to be shipped to the order destination.




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Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 17 in


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